October is the month when awareness about breast cancer is raised. This little bastard comes when you least expect it. But what cancer least expects is your strong will and fight for survival. Today we are sharing 5 ultimate girl bosses that totally kicked cancer’s ass!


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The ultimate feminist, Gloria Steinem. Yup, the one that started it all and the one we quote daily (you know that one: “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”) was diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of her 50’s and though the surgery and radiation took most of her energy, it did give her a lesson she now cherishes: “The cancer served a real purpose, making me a little bit more conscious of time.”


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If you’re the ultimate 90’s kid and spent most of your days behind the TV, you couldn’t miss Married with Kids. Classical satirical depiction of the white suburban American family with a chauvinist father. Though the show was hated by feminist groups all over the world for their thoughts and representations about LGTB and women in general, there was however a bright spot, and that was a young Kelly Bundy, played by Christina Applegate. She was often portrayed as a ‘typical blond’ and ‘easy going’ but in fact, Kelly always got what she wanted, when she wanted it and that was pretty badass! Applegate’s career took off and she is now an acclaimed actress, and sadly also a cancer survivor, but she learned to deal with it and speak about it. Even if you have to cry and shout, it’s all part of the healing.


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We know her for her rebellious fashion and always sticking to her vision. When it came to beating cancer she did what she knows best – she kicked its ass! It was the year 2000 when she had to undergo lumpectomy, radiation, and six months of chemotherapy, but that didn’t stop her from creating beautiful clothing. In fact, since her diagnosis, she has started to design charitable apparel every year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a way of giving back.


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Cynthia will probably never loose the Miranda image. Out of all four SATC characters, hers was represented as the strongest, the most independent and the most ‘cut the bullshit’ kind of woman. If there is ever a time to be a Miranda, it is now! With a strong working ethics, she didn’t let cancer get in her way of becoming a prominent political figure in the state of New York. Because women get shit done!


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World’s best sitcom, Seinfeld, would be just another bachelors tv show if it weren’t for the one and only Elaine Benes. Julia Louis-Dreyfus portrayed the epitome of a strong, career-centred yet always-looking-for-a-good-time woman of the 90’s. In 2018 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it. We can only imagine she probably said those famous words: “Get out of here!!!” while pushing the cancer out of her way.