Ahh, November… the month the rain shows itself in all its glory and in some places the snow begins to fall – yes people, it’s getting preeetty, preeety chilly out there.

You find yourself working your ass off only to leave work and step into the harsh winds and freezing temperatures, and all you got on is a trench and low ankle socks (been there). You find yourself wishing you could teleport yourself to your couch with a soft, cozy blanket, hot cocoa in one hand and a TV remote in the other. But then, the STRUGGLE begins. WHAT. TO. WATCH??? Well, our dear bitches, we’ve compiled a mighty fun list of tv series with female leads for your indulgence. So if you’re looking for fun, empowering and ‘damn, this show’s sooo good’ series once you’re actually on the couch, check out these:

1. Sex and the City

Call us predictable, but SATC is the holy grail of feminist series. This was one of the first shows that constructed a huge female support system, embraced many different identities and pointed out that a woman can and should be in charge of her own life.

2. Gilmore Girls

We will never forget growing up and the Gilmore Girls popping on TV. We felt this amazingly cozy feeling inside combined with a sudden urge for ice cream. A show that celebrates single moms and their tight relationship with their daughters will never go unnoticed. There is something about this show that just warms your heart.

3. The Golden Girls

This one is an old one, but the Golden Girls were ground breaking in the 80’s. In an industry where women are constantly treated as a second act actors. The show was lead by an all female cast and what’s even more interesting – all of them were over 40 years old then! You know Betty White, right? Well she set the bar for female comedy with this show.

4. The Mindy project

Mindy Kaling killed it in The Office and in Parks and Recreation, but she was only able to show her utmost potential with her own TV show – The Mindy Project. Portraying Mindy Lahiri an OB-GYN who through 6 seasons of the show goes from a single mom with multiple engagements, throughout her lifetime, setting up her own fertility business and becoming a stepmother to a tween. All while being dressed in fashionable pieces and loving her body. She’s like trying to fit everything the world tells women we can’t do and prove them wrong in one show. Bitchy Club approved!

5. Grace and Frankie

Bringing the Golden Girls vibe back and modernising it. Gracie and Frankie is a series about family, love, friendship and homosexuality. Tackling between touchy subjects. Grace and Frankie show us how older people, specifically older women manage in the modern world. With a shit ton of laughs along the way.