December is finally here which means, yup, holiday season!

To some this might be a dreadful time – picking out gifts for your friends and loved ones can be time consuming. Plus when everyone is on holiday cheer you’re in a holiday hell thinking, WTF am I supposed to get people?

We feel ya! That’s why we’re giving you a few tips and ideas for this holiday season, so everything runs smoothly and you end up the ultimate gifter of the year (insert confetti explosion and a never-ending applause).

Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Set the budget

Every time we meet up with friends during the holiday season, we all complain about how much we pay for heating and how much we pay for gifts. It’s the same story every year. You say to yourself that you’ll buy just a little something for everyone, but then the total sum shocks you each year. This year, try setting up a budget for each person. If you are fond of someone and willing to go a little extra, do that – but not for the sake of unpaid electricity bill, because remember it’s December!

2. What do people need?

We know, the budget thing seems easy, this is the hardest part – figuring out what people need. If this is someone you love, chances are they already gave you a hint, but if not, try talking more about certain things, maybe try camouflaging ideas into a conversation like..”Did you see the new collab that Zulu X Bitchy did? I know we don’t wear pink, but these are kinda cute, right?” And she might say “Yea, I actually really love those socks!” Bam, you already know what you’re getting your sis’. One down, more to go.

3. Support small businesses

We can’t stress this enough … I mean, we’re on the verge of 2020, sustainability, bio, eco, Greta Thurnberg is on the move … hell our whole Insta feed is filled with small businesses. You probably get the picture. Support small them, because there is so much heart and soul put in those products. Most of them handmade or hand picked by the owners themselves. If you ever want to put your Insta quotes to action, this is the time to do it.

4. Don’t be mean

Yes, we all got a crappy gift. A friend of ours got kitchen towels from her mother in law for the last 4 years. Does she need another new set of towels? Hell no! Will she buy her mother in law a crappy gift in return? Nope! Her mother in law probably thought it was a really great useful gift … and it was … for her mom, as she re-gifted the towels. But that didn’t stop her from buying her mother in law the latest cookbook, because she loves cooking recipes. The giving season is exactly about that – giving. To find joy of giving and seeing your loved ones happy. It makes you feel better about yourself.

5. Donate

Not a lot of people have friends and families whom they can give gifts. So appreciate people you have around you but also donate to those that are not close to you but still need help. You could also give a part of the gifts to donations and write a note: A part of your gift was donated to those in need. Trust us, no one will hold THAT against you. In fact it might encourage them to do the same.

Ahh, and see, just following these 5 magical steps, doesn’t it make you feel like a true gifter? Or at least a little less anxious? We hope it does.